3 months and still Crossfit-ing

I have to say that this form of exercise is the by far the best I’ve tried. The wellroundedness of the movements and the fact that one is pushed very hard when it is applied results in fantastic conditioning and strength. I think I shall have to remove myself from speaking of it with others as my opinion now is completely biased. However, I doubt this will happen as I am moving into an evangelistic phase. I think the right balance in this case is speaking factually and intending good. Although, that’s applicable to many facets of life.

My results with muscle development have been most exciting to me. I deviated from my paleo diet due to the amount of food I needed to eat in order to maintain the “block” requirements from the zone diet that is part of Crossfit (although, I will be moving into a paleo-zone diet shortly). My weight was 152lbs when I started in April 09 and it has increased to 160lbs while I have maintained low body fat. That’s 8lbs of lean tissue. This is in 3 months. I should state that my weight can fluctuate a few pounds depending on water intake and days of rest.

I have also been training others with this methodology. Here is a quote from the wife of one who has been training with me, “[He] has lost almost all of his belly fat.” Another who has started jogging in addition to taking up Crossfit with me said, “I felt much stronger running up the hills. I am getting into condition faster.”

I could say that it’s magic and it’s easy, but it’s really not factual to say either. These exercise sessions can be very hard. Of course, they can be reduced in intensity; however, one still has to finish. The benefits I have found and others have found as well are the short durations, the confidence of performing and finishing such grueling feats and the positive comradery that is part of the community. There is a competitive aspect one can choose to engage in or not.

If you are interested, check out Crossfit.

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