6th Graders Saving Wolves and Snow Leopards from Extinction

My daughter Sascha and her friend Kyle have been painting pictures of their favorite endangered animals (wolves and snow leopards) this year with the goal of raising money.
I’ve loved watching how these two got interested in endangered animals many years ago, have supported and encouraged each other, have been willing to stand on corners to talk to passersby about the animals and their plight, and now are becoming such good painters. Here are cards Sascha created from her pictures of wolves. 
If you’d like to encourage these two, you can purchase their greeting cards. You can reply to me, or go to their Etsy shop
And, here’s a note from Sascha: 
This is Sascha. I was wondering if you would like to support my friend Kyle’s and my efforts to raise money to help save wolves and snow leopards. The organizations we are giving money to are: California Wolf Center, Snow Leopard Trust, and the Ethiopian Wolf Project. All the proceeds from our efforts will go to these organizations.
To raise money, we’ve painted pictures that we turned into greeting cards.
We find it important to save these animals which symbolize the wild and have been abused because of old myths. Large predatory animals are often associated with bad things because people fear them. Most of these animals will never hurt anyone unless provoked. These predators have been misunderstood and have been hunted to extinction. Now, reintroduction programs have started to bring them back, and we want to help these predators have safe environments to live in. When wolves were brought back to Yellowstone many other species who hadn’t been seen in a long time were able to return too.
We have set up a shop on Etsy where you can buy my cards, Kyle’s cards, or mixed sets. Each set has 10 cards and is priced at $20.
Thanks so much for reading,
Kirby and Sascha

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