Advertising designed to make us feel inferior

I walked by a window of an unnamed fitness facility. On a mannequin, there was a shirt that said “Look better in the buff.” I guess it means people walking by don’t look as good as they could. It means they should be better than they are. It means by coming into the facility and buying the services, you will look better in the buff.

This shirt slogan is probably not a shirt someone would actually wear. It’s there for a purpose. It’s advertising. Clearly, it’s advertising. However, it’s actually pretty tacky advertising. I think tacky is a nice word. It’s designed to make people feel poorly about how they look. It’s designed to insert low self esteem. It’s designed to make someone feel poorly about themselves. After you feel poorly about your self esteem, you then will have a need to feel better about yourself. This is where the fitness facility comes in. For this reason it’s disgusting. They are creating a need where one might not be and they are using self esteem as the medium. Lame…, very lame.

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