Are you interested in a gardening Iphone app?

Prior to my indoctrination to the Lean Startup method, I thought if I built something really good, people would flock to it and love using it. In some cases, I’m sure that’s true, but with my gardening iphone app I never got that far. For some reason, I never managed to put it in front of people. While I agree that was completely wasteful, I thought I would attempt to remedy this. 
To the right, I have a couple of screen shots of the Gardening app called “Growfu”. It has two main functions. The first is to help you remember to water your garden. When you enter in plants from your garden, the app checks out the plant and then determines a watering schedule.  From there, it reminds you to water the plants in your garden and keeps track of if the plant has been watered or not. You have additional activities that you can record regarding your plant or plant areas like taking a picture and seeing all your activity with your plants.  You can see your plant history. I imagine this being particularly helpful if you are wondering why a plant had a successful yeild or not.
The second function of this application is to show you gardens around you and what’s going on with them.  The idea is to connect you with fellow gardeners in your area so you can share knowledge. Ultimately, the goal is to help you know what is growing well around you and what is not. For example, if broccoli doesn’t grow in your area for anyone else, do you want to try it?  Or, if tomatoes aren’t working for you this year, are they working for others?  If so, what is the difference?  
In this screen shot on the right, you can see that gardeners can check in publicly with their plant’s status. Also, you can see where gardens are around you and what other people are growing.  
So, given what I have laid out so far, is this something that you are interested in?  Or, what would you change? If you are interested in trying this app, please leave a comment so we can connect and I can get you a build of the app.

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