Are you waiting to get in shape?

I have a couple of friends who are waiting to get into better physical condition. They think if they could just get a kettle bell or a gym membership, then they could get started.

I have to say that equipment can be fun, but it’s a long way from necessary. The things that are necessary are:

  1. A decision for health and a willingness to go after it.
  2. Warm up.
  3. Good form.
  4. Knowledge of safe exercises for you and the ability to vary them.
  5. Allocated time for your health.

Often a gym can get you past number one. If you sign up for a trainer who’s respected and knowledgeable, you can get 2, 3 and 4. However, you don’t need to go that route.

You can do #1 for yourself.

  • Take a look at your family history. Is heart disease a factor in your family?
  • Take a look at your weight. Are you overweight?
  • Do you know your blood sugar? It should be below 100.
  • Do you know your cholesterol? Total number should be below 200 and the HDL number should be well above 30.
  • Are you sedentary? If so, you’ve got to get active to move accumulated trash out of your body.

For 2, 3 and 4, check out Personal Training on the net. Warm up is easy, just move all your parts in all directions for a few minutes and get your heart moving. Also, check out Cross-fit. They’ve got exercise demos for free.

For 5, you can make exercise part of how you live.

  • Take walks to work or a break for a walk when you are at work.
  • Walk to the grocery store and carry your bags home. You could buy less and do more shopping trips. That might be less efficient, but it’s a way that works. It’s weight-bearing cardio.
  • Start looking for places to do pullups.
  • You can do pushups anywhere.
  • You can do squats and lunges anywhere.
  • You can sprint anywhere.
  • You can do a bridge anywhere.
  • You can stand on one leg anywhere.
  • You can walk barefoot in the woods or across stones. It’s a workout!
  • You can jump anywhere.
  • You can pick up stumps or rocks for lifts anywhere.

Provided you aren’t seriously ill, you can do it. You can start right now!

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