I think barefooting is getting a good deal of attention right now.

A few years ago, I was hiking the famous Kalalau trail and a group of women came walking up the trail barefoot. They were 6 feet tall and looked as though they lived outside. Regardless, they were barefoot on a slippery-ledge-fall-down-to-the-rocks-and-die trail with sharp rocks all over it. I also just have to mention that they had serious chin hair. It was quite a sight.

Probably about a month ago, I was reading on Mark Sisson’s blog about barefooting. It was on his page about fitness products he liked best where I found vibram’s five fingers. I have had the shoes for about 3 weeks now and I have to say that I totally prefer them to my hiking shoes! Actually, all shoes unless I’m in deep grass in the Midwest (chiggers are horrible) or riding motorcycles or on horseback.

When I wear them, I cannot walk heal to toe. It’s just too painful. It’s just like going barefoot. Without shoes, it’s difficult to walk heel to toe…especially on natural surfaces. I walk from the ball of my foot or mid foot first. It’s necessary to test the ground for pokies before committing the full body weight. My feet are very quiet.

When I wore them to work, every single person was interested in them. This is not an exaggeration. People contacted me after their initial sighting on how to buy them. During a staff meeting, I sized someone up with a metric ruler. Hilarious. Totally Hilarious.

Another very neat thing is that I when I put on my normal athletic shoes, they feel heavy and like pillows. It’s weird to walk heel to toe.

I find them perfect for gymnastic or ground parkour moves and tree climbing.

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