Be responsible for everything in your life

Each time I find I’m irritated at something that’s happened to me, I can’t help but realize that I put myself in that place. If I’m unhappy because of a little yapping dog in my house, I have to acknowledge that I let that little rat into my house. If I’m unhappy because I’m not successful at work, I have to acknowledge that everything at work I’ve done I’ve done.  It wasn’t some manager to blame for not deciding to put me up for promotion. It was my actions prior that led to how I was perceived by the entire group of people around and above me. Either I wasn’t working in the right way or not working on the right things. These were choices that I made along the way. Likely, I wasn’t thinking big enough. If I want to be successful at work or anything, I need to be very specific on the aspect of successful I want and then move in that direction with an unstoppable drive. I need to change my actions to those that will create success.
Being responsible means thinking things through. Thinking things through helps you know if you will create something that helps you or injures you in the future.  We live with the choices we make whether they are conscious or not.  

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