Bush knew levees would break before Katrina hit

So, the news is in. President George Bush knew on August 28th that hurricane Katrina was going to be a monster . Here’s the link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060302/ap_on_go_pr_wh/katrina_video

Jeez! This article made the FEMA Chief actually look like he was doing a decent job. He has been completely beaten up over this. Was he a scapegoat?

We truly live in a world of cause and effect. Looks like our President, not having had much experience living a real person’s life (I might be a bit jealous of his privilege), could not effectively judge what the result of a large hurricane would be. He didn’t even ask any questions during the briefings. That’s probably because he doesn’t have any experience with compassion for common people to even ask about the basic needs of the people and if they could be easily taken care of. I’m generalizing. I don’t have all the information. There’s a myriad of information that I’m missing I’m sure. However, the more I hear of this president, the more I can’t believe how off track he is. When I say off track, I mean in congruence with the American people about what the basic needs are of the American people.

Is this a slanted view? I’m certainly irritated at what I’ve heard. It appears to be true in that it is an actual video of a major briefing that took place. It appears that Bush lied to the people about not expecting the levees to break. Did he have his head in the clouds? If he was my employee, I’d fire him.

Ooh, here’s a good question. Is there any small business person that would hire George Bush as an employee to make decisions about their business? I’d be interested to hear those answers.

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