Cancer and diet

Last year, my mother had a tumor in her abdomen due to Ovarian cancer. She had had Uterine cancer about 10 years before. There was no mention of this re-emergence when I visited her with my daughters at the time. She planned to have a good visit with her granddaughters and would have surgery after we left. I got a call after her surgery once my girls and I were back in San Francisco. There were a number of complications with the surgery, but she recovered. She decided to forgo the chemotherapy because of the side effects (a protocol was recommended that is now abandoned). After speaking with a couple of doctors, she decided to take a natural path.

I would have like to have known about the cancer, but it was a fantastic visit looking back. So my mother’s plan worked well for me and my girls. And, while I was worried about her not doing any chemotherapy in combination with the removal of the tumor, I totally supported her decision.

We visited her again this summer and it seemed she was very tired. She had spent a year eating right. She was skipping sugar and refined grains, eating home grown vegetables and walking daily. I expected she was on the right path. Although, she was constipated and I could see she was getting more and more fatigued about the time we left.

Two weeks after my girls and I left, I get a phone call that my mother almost died. The cancer had come back again. She was down to 6 pints of blood. The cancer had prevented the creation of new blood and this explains why she was so fatigued. After a number of emergency room visits and a serious chemo session, she is doing much better. I found that not only does she have another tumor that is inoperable but she had cancer fluid throughout her abdomen that was causing pressure on her bowels and organs. I’m glad to report that the chemo had a visible effect on the tumor and the cancer fluid. Her abdominal swelling has reduced greatly. She is scheduled to 6 to 8 more chemo sessions.

This experience is an eye-opener in more ways than one. This type of cancer is very aggressive. Taking Poly MVA, staying alkaline, eating the right foods and exercising in the way she was DID NOT STOP her cancer. If it slowed it down, I cannot say. I am a believer in eating right and exercising to prevent cancer and, in terms of prevention, I will not abandon this. However, if I should have a similar choice to make in the future, I will be careful not to mix preventative measures with ones more suited for battle.

I am very thankful for the chemotherapy and am looking forward to seeing more visible evidence that it’s working for my mother.

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