Advice for my children during summer

We’ll see if they take it! They are 15 years old twin girls with minds of their own.

Remember, don’t spend your life watching other people live theirs.

there are a few categories to focus on during your open time this summer: exploring, making, contributing and being. It’s OK if most of your time is being and not doing. That being time helps you understand what is important to you and, ergo, how you want to live.

Spend time learning and exploring and getting inspired:

go outside, read powerful stories, exercise for fun, paint, sculpt, take pictures, study, play music, shoot some hoops, go to a tennis court…they will be empty during the day, play frisbee, go on a bike ride, start taking pictures or make a photo journal, sketch a scene at the park or anywhere, write poetry, start a fiction story, go to clement street and walk into every shop and look around (except certain place…you’ll know which ones to skip), goto the library and pick out a book and read it, go to a museum, go to a busy place and watch what people do, look at photography, goto the Academy of Sciences or the museum of natural history, take notes on everything that excites you.

Spend time being social:

be with friends, go someplace together, start a band, do city hikes, take your friends on any of the outings above

Spend time contributing:

help around the house, cleanup, offer to help a neighbor, volunteer, offer to carry someone’s load, help your mother or father- just to be helping them, babysit for a neighbor,

Spend time being:

meditate, do nothing, take a nap, fish with no hook, pet a pet for a long time, take a blanket to the park and chill out, wander around the city just to wander

Things to limit:

Daily sugar, social media, web browsing just to scroll, netflix/tv shows – if you do this with friends, it’s a little different and a little better. But it’s better to get out into the world with them and have real experiences and see things for your own eyes.