Changing Careers

With my small readership, this is more of a journal. Anyway, I’ve been working on changing careers to a more self-directed and more healthy career.

Sitting as an engineer for 11 years has taken a toll: medial rotation of the shoulders, cervical spine issues from constantly looking down at a computer screen, anterior pelvic tilt from tight hip flexors, synergistic dominance of hamstrings over the glutes which causes sciatic pain from easily stressed glutes.

I’ve been in school for the last 6 months at the Personal Training Institute, link here. It’s been an eye-opener. Learning about anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, endocrine system, etc. has been great. When I injure myself now doing some crazy new thing like parkour I know what I’ve injured. I have a whole new way of looking at food, medicine, and life in general.

While I still do engineering work, I’m working on doing personal training on the side. Should be fun!

Here are some interesting blogs on the topic of how to live healthy:

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Art thinks it is a smart and healthy move for you best of luck to you cousin

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