Chase…increase your mobile check deposit limit!

What an awesome feature Chase Bank has. Take a picture of a check to deposit it. I love the idea. When I ask customers if going to the bank is a problem, they say, “No. I do it all the time. It’s not a problem.” Then, when I ask them about Chase mobile check deposit and they have it, they say, “I love it. I don’t have to go to the bank anymore!”

I love the idea so much, I created an account there for my rental properties. Some of the management companies send checks to me instead of doing direct deposit. So for me, this is an attractive feature. However, when I tried to deposit my rent checks I found some major buzz-kill. There is a 2k check limit! If you have a rent check for 2100.00 (pretty common for rents in major cities), it won’t work! Ugh. On top of that, there is a 5k a month limit. I understand that the feature is new and risk management is necessary, but that is the whole reason I even considered Chase. I feel like I’ve been dry-tested.

Now, I should have read up on the feature and looked at the ins-and-outs of it and then decided before I started switching banks. I’m responsible for that. However, Chase has irked me when they were trying acquire me. I know there are others who have run into this limit and become irritated. I have talked with small business owners who have called out this limit specifically. Also, if you can afford an iPhone and run a small business, you are likely getting checks over 2k every now and again. Chase, you are likely enticing and irritating 27 million people with this limit. Your risk management for this feature is out of line for the segment of customers it attracts. CHANGE IT!

5 thoughts on “Chase…increase your mobile check deposit limit!

  1. Russell Tanner Reply

    I agree with you. It's a huge pain. To be honest, it defeats the purpose of ever depositing anything via Quick Deposit. I have several smaller checks to deposit each month but a few larger ones also. Because I can't deposit the larger ones, I might as well wait to deposit the smaller checks because I have to go to the bank any ways to deposit the larger checks!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Amen brother… same issue trying to use to deposit rent checks…

  3. Anonymous Reply

    When signing up for a business checking account I didn't think this would be an issue either. As a geek for hire I don't usually get checks smaller than 2k. My main client pays Net30, so I get a whole month's pay, in the mail, as a check, usually around 4 times the daily limit and definitely more than the monthly limit. …just when you think you've got it made in a small town with everything you need at hand & no need to drive; nope still have to go to the bank. 🙁

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