Coach B!

Today, I got to work with Olympic Weight Lifting Coach Mike Burgener. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best and I’m so glad I pushed to make it happen. We focused on the “snatch”, and I learned about my performance-limiting mistakes that have been with me for about four years now. It’s huge when you can work with an expert to raise your game.

I mentioned how I had improved my deadlift by doing single-limb bodyweight progressions, and he was not surprised. He conveyed one of his main principles, “range of motion before strength and bodyweight before barbells”. From there he conveyed how crucial range of motion is for technique and how bodyweight movement allows you to really learn how to move efficiently with that technique. People who are impatient and forgo technique so they can throw as much weight as they can end up having to go back and learn the fundamentals.  He also said, there is no such thing as overtraining…it’s really under recovery. That’s a huge topic to be covered later. I learned so much from him in just this one day.

In the last two months, I have accelerated my interactions with experts in business and sport and have been much the better for it. I recommend you look for experts in your fields of interest and find the quickest way to work them. Your velocity will increase as you catch the pivotal points they know like the back of their hand. Do it. Now.

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