Does having less stress help really?

Lately, I’ve been working to change my life. Reducing stress, and the factors that cause the stress, has been my #1 priority lately. However, I am beginning to wonder if I end up with no stress and an easy life, will it really be better for me? I say this because when people get used to luxury, they aren’t pleasant when small inconvenient things get in their way.

Managing tough projects with everyone counting on you can be pretty stressful. However, when I managed smaller projects, I was also stressed. As I progressed through projects and their trials, I could handle more stress as they became more complicated. As the sh** hit the fan in more ways than one, I became less afraid of sh**. Now that I’m moving away from managing tough projects and going into worker bee mode again, I see that I could end up focusing on the smaller fires again. So, whatever world I’m in, I will get wrapped up in the details and won’t realize if the trials are big or small. How does one keep the perspective?

If I get rid of my need to work because I build a highly profitable business and I start travelling with my family more often and staying in nice hotels, I imagine I could get used to that. After I get used to it, I supposed I could expect it. When I don’t get what I expect, I could become grumpy or stressed. So, I’m thinking maybe I should keep the things that stress me. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t change because no matter what, I’ll get grumpy when I don’t get what I want. Maybe I should work on not getting irritated when I don’t get what I expect or want?

Hmm…any thoughts?

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