Don’t exercise to lose weight

Exercise to increase your physical abilities. Exercise to increase your physical capacity, build your confidence, play your game, prevent sarcopenia, turn over cells, kick start recovery and healing, make it easy on the pancreas when it comes to storing energy…the list goes on.

Oh, and by the way, you can lose weight without exercising. Make grains and grain products (pasta and bread and alcohol) 5% or less of your diet instead of 90% (0% is best). Eat colorful vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds and fruits. Do this and your body will have a very hard time assembling fatty acids into triglycerides inside of cell walls. I can add body fat or take it off just by altering the composition of my diet. I can eat corn (a grain), toast, and drink beer frequently and add 5lbs in 2 weeks. I can switch back to eating as described above and remove that 5lbs in the next two. I am constantly testing this and finding it to be true. A little bit now and again seems to be just fine, but high frequency grain consumption should only be embarked upon if you want to gain for an Arctic winter stay.

When you eat this way, you will quickly see if you have muscle on your frame. If you don’t, start putting some on so can outrun your grandkids until they are 7 or so. Put some on so that when you are sixty and get pneumonia you can rebound more quickly. Put on some muscle so you can get out of a chair when you are 80. Life is short, be as strong as you can for as long as you can so your quality of life is as good as can be.

Lift some heavy things now and again. Take long walks. Eat as I said.

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