As I was poking around on iwillteachyoutoberich.com, a site of which I enjoy the aspirations of entrepreneurship, I found a reference to Steve Pavlina’s podcast and blog. There’s quite a few interesting items to explore. Polyphasic sleep is one of those items. My only experience with it myself was watching Kramer on Seinfeld stumble hilariously through the episode. Anyway, there was quite a selection of topics of which I found interesting. Another was becoming an early riser; I aspire to such things.

I started reading his experience of briefly becoming an employee at a young age and deciding that was not his path. He later went on to write about his method of financial support and how much time he has on his hands. This is definitely something I’d like to learn about. I’ve been pursuing the subject now rigorously for about 2 years.

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