Friday’s Workout: Squat, pull and burp

I was feeling energetic at first, but into the third round I called it quits. I was exhausted and I mean completely beat. I started with 15 minutes of jump rope and then did following for time…

  1. 50 squats
  2. 20 horizontal rope pull-ups
  3. 20 burpees
  4. 40 squats
  5. 15 horizontal rope pull-ups
  6. 15 burpees
  7. 30 squats

It was only 5 minutes and 20 seconds. Still, I was so exhausted, I had to skip the 10 pull-ups and 10 burpees. I can’t believe how wiped out I was. I think I’m going to have to name this session the squat, pull and burp.

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