Friday’s workout

It was a great day in San Francisco on Friday, 9/14/07. As it had been a while since I’ve used my climbing rope (3 weeks!) and done abdominal work (about 1 week), I went for L-climbs. L-climbs are hands only with legs in the pike position. It is also called a pike climb. In addition, I went for full body with a clean and press w/ a 44lb (20kg) kettle bell. It looked this this:

3 rounds:

  • 5 clean and press (right and left side each)
  • 2 L-climbs up 11 feet from sitting position (fast up, slow down)

This took about 10 minutes. It was only 2 exercises, but it was a kicker. There’s no need to spend hours in the gym!

I finished off with a 1 hour walk with the dog for my “cardio”.

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