From Existence to Thriving

This is the order to understand for life: Exist -> Survive -> Physical & Mental Strength -> Value -> Material Strength -> Survive well -> Thriving -> Happiness

Existence is being alive (existing) and knowing it (consciousness).

We did not choose to be born, but once we live, we avoid pain and seek survival. Our development appears to flourish, when we seek development through challenge to thrive along with rest.

The physical supports the mental, the mental supports the material and protects the physical. To be supported throughout life, one must have strong physical ability, mental ability, and material ability.

Mental ability is the strongest of the three. It is supported by the physical and it creates the material. The material can be lost, but mental ability can recreate it anywhere. Mental ability is the ability to create value and trade it for a profit without damaging other people or supporting structures. Damaging others ultimately creates weakness for the physical and requires greater expense of the mental and this distraction is from a greater need for protection.

A weak physical ability means you must have even more mental and material ability to survive.

A weak mental ability means you must have even more physical and material ability to survive and you must fight with all life left in you to increase your mental ability.

A weak material ability means you must have even more physical and mental ability. Focus your mental ability towards building strength.
Luck exists, but you are much better able to be prepared for it the greater your abilities are.

Relying on luck is faith or hope. Followers of faith or hope in the pursuit of luck must take action to achieve physical, mental and material ability. Not taking action is death.

The purpose of life is to thrive (pursuit of happiness). All actions of pursuit must be towards thriving. Therefore action is required for thriving.

If you do not choose to thrive, then you are choosing death. Feelings of helplessness are death. You must choose through reason what thriving is. Therefore reason enables thriving. Not using reason is destruction.

Other beings exist and have this same choice but many are not aware of it.

Everyone needs to survive, but some will choose destruction. Avoid these people at all costs. Those who barely survive are to be carefully considered. Those who survive well at the nefarious expense of others are to be avoided at all costs. Those who survive without knowing why or are unconscious are to be avoided at all costs. Choose those who survive well through their conscious choice of survival as those who you work with. These are the people who are the strongest people on earth.

Fighting or taking from another is either destruction of the other or you or both. Therefore, this is the path of death and should only be taken if you are forced against your will. Avoid all situations where this can be a potential outcome.

Ensuring survival is done through strength. Strength enables reason to create value. Value creates distance from destruction. The greater the value created the greater the distance from destruction.

Acquiring strength through challenge (mental, physical, material) avoids destruction. Destruction of value is death unless a greater value is displacing it, creation primarily and then preservation of value is life.
Take care with how visible your strength is. Those who seek destruction will seek to gain from you. Avoid and defend by a means of strength which is developed through preparedness.

All forms of strength enable you to survive and thrive. To gain strength, you must prepare. Strength (mental, physical, material) allows for handing of danger and risk.

Handling danger and risk therefore requires of preparation and training.
Preparation for danger and risk is therefore thriving. Avoiding real danger and risk is thriving. Knowing what is real danger and an opportunity for training is achieved by reason. Therefore using reason drives thriving.

Mental ability is knowing that your own self is all you ever have and knowing you have to make all action about acquiring strength of the three types to survive.

It is knowing the above and…

  • ability to calculate potential beneficial outcomes
  • ability to see how to push through the lower value obstacles
  • ability to know how a given technology works
  • ability to create technology and tools
  • ability to know how to manage the technology so that there can be no
  • competition or how to create an advantage no other can have.
  • ability to gauge the value of others and to know if one is a partner of mutual benefit, an employee who has the ability to rise, or someone to completely reject.

It is knowing that mutual benefits are the joining of two or more individuals who can produce even more value. When you connect a lesser value with a higher value, the overall value is lowered unless there is some unforeseen unexpected reaction.
It is knowing that reason is necessary for action that will result in happiness.

With age comes a decrease in physical ability and mental ability, therefore the material ability must be very high.

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