Health Potential

Having gone deeply into health, I notice unhealthy things. I notice the choices that others make that are unhealthy. It’s interesting. I see that many people make the choices from moment to moment without considering the build up of all the choices before. It’s like there’s a running balance building up that isn’t visible until the balance is large and hard to manage. In this description the credit card analogy fits. It’s not this way for everything, but still it’s clear that either the results they are getting aren’t visible (balance is building inside the body in terms of a metabolic disease) or they are ignoring them (visible adipose tissue).

In all of this, I don’t fail to see the potential for health that is there. I see stiff knees and an overweight frame. I know that carrying a lot of extra weight causes stress on the joints. If someone is 50lbs overweight, it’s like carrying a 50lb sack of dog food around all the time (except the weight is distributed all over). This can take a big toll on the feet, knees and hips (not to mention the low back).

I know if the weight is lifted and movement is practiced in many cases, the joints will work better and that the energy will flow. This may be all a person wants to achieve, but there’s even more that can be achieved. The human body can really do amazing things.

In the San Francisco Circus Center, I’ve seen incredible things. People can move like monkeys between two vertical poles. The hand-balancing is incredible. My Chinese acrobatics teacher is in his 60’s and still does cartwheels. I trained with a retired Air Force colonel who is 66 and he was working on his back hand spring.

If one wants to explore the potential, it’s there. It’s just waiting to be sought.

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