Humans in captivity

Gyms are like a wheel in the hamster cage. In the case of an emergency and you need to carry another human, can you do it? Will doing curls and running on a treadmill prepare you to do that? You might get muscles, you might get cardiac benefit, but will you be able swim a person to safety? What are you training for? Looks or functionality? Do you want to look fit or look strong or do you want to be strong? Humans can utilize emotions through movement. Humans can use adrenaline to make extremely important things happen. Are you training with adrenaline? Do you know what crossfit is? Do you know what movnat is? If you are sedentary and you want to realize your potential, start moving. Move like animals do. OK, start in a gym if you want. But, to really get functional, you will have to leave the gym. You will have to move like animals do. Run, jump, climb, wrestle, swim, crawl, and lift and throw.

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