Kipping Pullup Stares

I just went into 24 hour fitness for a brief and intense session. While there I did the kipping pullup. Granted, this is San Francisco and people do lots of different things here, but I sure did get some funny looks. One guy had to stop his work out, come over, do dead hang pullups and then give me a good stare. I’m not sure what it meant, but I felt like he was accusing me of “cheating” or something.

The kipping didn’t get any love at 24hour fitness.

I just smiled. I can do plenty of dead hand pullups and my heart rate gets to about 145 bpm max. When I do kipping pullups, I reach over 180 bpm.

I should also note I was in Mustang, OK last week at a great little community gym and did my kippings there. I think people thought I was weird, but I didn’t get any “cheater” stares.

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