Mail = waste

All my real bills (things that have to be paid) come online. When I get things from my mailbox, there are usually about 10 things total that are personal correspondence. The rest of the items are:

  • REI catalogs for both my wife and I.
  • Children’s clothing catalogs (usually 4 different ones a month).
  • United Mileage mail for my 6 year old twins. They each get an offer twice a month.
  • Delta Mileage mail for my 6 year old twins. (Don’t they check the age on their members? )
  • Credit card offers that promise me the dreams I’ve always had. (I’ve dreamed for years about owing 30k at 21.23% interest.)
  • Various charities sending me address labels. (They hope I’ll feel guilty about accepting the labels I guess so I’ll pay something?)
  • Free news papers.
  • Trial subscriptions to Magazines like “Stuff” and other publications that I don’t want my children to ask me about with questions like, “Why is that lady wearing her underwear all wet?”. I usually say something like, “She must have been undressing for a shower and then slipped.”

This is not the complete list, but I’m sure you’re getting the same.

Where are they getting all the paper? This is such waste! I have to recycle this all. I have to shred the credit card offers so the destitute won’t falsify information from my recycling bin. I’ve heard about paying for some environmental services that will stop the junk mail.

BUT, why is this something that I have to do something about? The ones who are taking the good oxygen producing plants and turning it into junk and sending it to me are the creators of this problem. They are the ones who need to do something about it.

Anyone know about starting legislation to stop this crap?

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I have my kids airline mileage statements sent to my e-mail instead of paper. I use Alaska Airlines, but it is probable possible with United and Delta too.

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