Movnat – doing the wilderness workout

I did this kind of a thing yesterday in a wetlands preserve area in Mountain View, CA. First, I scouted my route…peeking into brush…examining the most appropriate obstacles to vault over…best trees to climb. Then, I ran through the brush, jumping branches, crawling underneath, all moving very fast. I climbed trees trying not to disturb all the geese around. The people strolling looked, but I got no comments. It was only when I was sprinting out of brush after doing some fast crawls under branches that I startled a couple kissing on a bench. Oh yeah, they thought I was a freak. I felt like a kid afterward, like I had broken the rules.

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    I know what you mean; you feel kind of like a freak, playing as a grown-up. After decades of distance running and/or lifting weights first thing every morning, it's natural for me to do my version of Movnat at 4:00 a.m. But I keep a wary eye out for police cars, since I suspect they wouldn't believe me if I told them my activities were legal and innocent! But I just pretend I'm being alert for predators, as our ancestors would have had to do!

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