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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hey it’s Art. That was really cool. It made me reflect on many of the relationships that I have. I sense the limit of time now, more than I ever have before. What was your inspiration? I saw from the youtube blurb that the lyrics were original.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Your song really resonated with me. What I regret most is wasted time. The melody is relaxing. The lyrics aren’t trite. It is simple yet profound as I have realized more often the moments I have missused especially in a situation during a relationship where time mattered the most. Now it is gone.

  3. Abraham Reply

    Thank you both for listening and thinking about it.

    My inspiration is how time only moves forward. It seems all the time I spend doing things I have to do doesn’t really jive with what I want to do. My children are already 5 years old. Soon, I’ll say the same thing when they are 10 and then 20. And when they’re 30, I’ll really trip out. Life is definitely moving. I’m working to focus on living it instead of the things that keep me from living it. I guess that’s kind of where the song comes from.

    I make up songs all the time. I’m glad I recorded that one.


  4. Hilbert Reply

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