No more toil


If you take a look at the previous posts on this blog, they have been all over the place. That’s largely because I have been all over the place. While I continually focus on making my family and work happen, my dreams have been like the weather…seasonal with occasional swings up and down in temperature and moisture. 

When you aren’t clear on what you want, anything looks good. The ideas and whims of others can stir you like soup in a pot. Even worse, when you are just focused on getting things done and checking off your todo list, you can lose sight of of the big things that need doing. I would even procrastinate by doing the small things instead of the big things. This is toil. I’m glad to know this now, and I’m done with it.


I’m not toiling anymore. My key things get 50% or more of my attention. Other non-critical items are declined or relegated to the “another time” category.


I’m intend to flourish. One can get lucky and just have things happen, but I’m for directing as much of my life as possible. I want my kids to see me go for life instead of toiling. 
Going forward, I’m…
  1. cultivating the sparks I see in my girls into explorations
  2. helping my wife recover from breast cancer and working to eliminate her chronic stress to what ever level I can
  3. taking some great experiential vacations
  4. putting on muscle for the foreseeable future
  5. getting off the employee track
  6. and adding more income generating assets
This definitely takes work. However, I’ve found each of them so far to be rewarding and re-enforcing. 

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