People keep asking me about getting in shape…but don’t like my answer

Friends and co-workers keep coming up to me and asking me what I’ve been doing to get into shape. Often they’ll start to tell me about what they are doing and ask if it will work. People will talk about their running plan and how they want to change their bodies. I listen. It’s very interesting.

Then they ask what I do. When I mention things like “I eat only nutrient dense food” or “I don’t eat grains”, I can see immediately many are not interested in following my path. They like eating that high energy stuff. It’s ironic that’s exactly what they should avoid and the “look” they are after will materialize very quickly. When a person stops eating a regimen with so much glucose-laden foods, the ability to store fat will decrease. Fat cannot be stored without the burning of glucose as fuel.

Having followed this knowledge myself, I know it works. I’ve haven’t been this lean since my teenage years. If people want a formula, it is this: eat unprocessed nutrient dense food + walk often + do brief, (relatively) intense full body movements. That’s it.

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