Please use Waze!

I just used Waze for the first time. It had been installed for a week or so. A friend said please use it because it’s better for me if you use it. There was  a 101 south drive ahead of me, so I opened it.

I could see the following:

  • other waze users driving around
  • where traffic was backed up
  • where accidents or other issues were
  • where police were

Then I used the routing and got the following:

  • arrival estimate that was very close
  • distance
  • issues all along the route (it was 101 in the morning)

Here’s a quick view on the right of what I saw in the app. Another thing that was interesting was when I was talking to my dad (with earpiece and hands-free) and the Waze voice came on and alerted me that there was an accident ahead. Sure enough, the traffic started to slow.

Overall, this app gave me visibility of a previous unknown and helped me understand when I would really get in to work. I’m interested to try the routing more. I would recommend that others use it as it will be on when I drive for sure. It is highly performant…much better than google maps with traffic overlays. It’s huge leaps above that!

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