Reduce sugar in your diet, meditate, and exercise

Overall, as a team of humans, we can all get a lot better at living better longer.

By reducing #sugar consumption and #stress along with retraining our habitual stress responses, we can reduce medical utilization by 20-40%. #health

Here are the critical studies backing this up:

  1. Study on #cortisol deafening immune cells causing #inflammation to run out of control –
  2. Hyper-aggressive immune cells parked in arterial plaque bingeing on glucose drive #heart disease, Stanford
  3. Sugar Consumption Produces Effects Similar to Early Life #Stress Exposure –
  4. Mind Over Matter: Reappraising Arousal Improves Cardiovascular and Cognitive Responses to #Stress
  5. Individuals in the relaxation-response program used fewer #health services year after participation than before
  6. Too much sitting linked to serious health risks and death, regardless of exercise habits

The implication from these studies is that we should eat less sugar so that our body doesn’t get inflamed and diseased, learn to reduce and reframe stress mentally so that the body can further reduce inflammation, and move more so that you don’t lose what you don’t use.

And, it will keep you out of the doctor’s office a lot more. Who doesn’t want that?

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