Rest day (actually two)

Given my recent post linking to a study on chronic weightlifting, I’ve enjoyed 2 days of no strength training whatsoever. There’s something to be said for rest. Now that I’ve had a few days of rest, my body feels a surplus of energy and I’m ready to do some rounds of training.

There’s also something to be said for taking a break from a restricted way of eating. I don’t eat bread or flour, but when I saw the line at Tartine was short, I decided to stop in for a quiche and a coffee. Honestly, the quiche is delicious and I had intended not to eat the crust, but I ate it anyway. It was good that I ate it because most grain-based food always ends up feeling like glue in my mouth and I was reminded of this. I was also quite sluggish after the quiche. Having these deviations back to grains reminds me why I don’t choose to eat them.

Rest from training, eating black-listed foods… it all serves as a reinforcement. It makes exercise and eating well sustainable. Rest and variation, it’s the way to go.

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