Safe and Effective Strength Training

I’ve been training in the SuperSlow® High-Intensity Training (HIT) method now for about a year. I’m definitely stronger, more toned and more trim. This method involves one 20 minute session once a week, in total, and there are no “aerobics” involved from an exercise standpoint. Roughly speaking, it focuses on making a muscle group get to 100% failure once (repeating across other muscle groups) and then resting a full week before doing it again. The idea is that’s all you have to do. Other exercise can just be added in for fun or sport specific applications. For me, this has been perfect because I have leadership roles in very intense startups where personal time can get routed to work.

I first read about this method in Tim Ferriss’ book, the Four Hour Body. That book led me to Doug McGuff’s book, Body by Science. (both non-affiliate links). After reading about the results, I had to see if it would really work.

In my experience with it, it’s the best exercise program that I have found. Here’s why.

  1. I’ve gotten stronger consistently.
  2. I’ve sustained zero injuries.
  3. I’ve lost visible fat and visceral fat.
  4. I’ve gained muscle.
  5. I’ve been consistent with it because it’s so easy to maintain schedule-wise.
  6. My bone density has increased.
  7. I worry less about getting workouts in.
  8. It’s only 20 minutes once a week.
  9. Unexpectedly, I’m more flexible.
  10. Sometimes, a short massage is included. (That’s awesome.)

I liked it so much that I’m training people with this method. If you want to train with me, contact me.

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