San Francisco Parklets, Foot traffic and Fitness

As a driver of cars, my initial reaction to parklets was, “Dang it! Parking is hard enough.”  As a pedestrian and bicyclist, I like them a lot since I can hang out and watch my bike. As a Small Business person, marketer, product manager and entrepreneur I love them in that they create spaces for people to gather and connect. In this case, they are connecting in front of Trouble Coffee. Parklet people hanging in front of businesses mean incremental sales of varying degrees. However, as a practitioner of elite calisthenics, I love this specific parklet built by Ben Frombgen @bcooperative. Very nice work, Ben. It rocks. Check it out at 170 Yosemite Ave in San Francisco.

Here’s a shot Ben took of me doing a handstand. It’s very solid and great for monkey moves. My kids enjoyed it, too.

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