Stupid Movies

I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want to pollute your mind. Some wacko has come out with a movie called “Black Sheep” that is about sheep that eat humans. Some scientific experiment went wrong and now the sheep want to eat people. Can the people overcome the sheep?

Why do people want to create this kind of crap? Who wants to see people attacked and eaten by crazy sheep? Is there any lesson that you can get out of this? Are we so disconnected from the natural world that we’re afraid of sheep now? Are they saying that science is so blind that it’s too dangerous to explore? Why when we are alive does our entertainment culture want to be so concerned with death and a gruesome one at that?

I doubt there’s anything valuable to be attained for the human psyche in this film. Although, once you’ve seen it and you are conscious about your thoughts, you may learn the lesson about being selective to what you expose yourself to. Let me save you some time. It’s about scaring you for fun in a sick way and making money. So, if you want to be thrilled by killer sheep, go and pay your money and support these maladjusted greedy people.

I haven’t seen it. I have certainly judged a book by it’s cover. Would you want to read a book that has pictures of sheep eating people? What’s scary is that some children will see this film.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Movies

  1. Anonymous Reply

    The sheep movie sounds absolutly retarded. I can hardly believe that it is a real movie and not just something that you made up to be funny.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Why is the bad association to
    “black” being reinforced? Why wasn’t it Bad Sheep or White Sheep?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Don’t waste your time on 1408 either. I saw it. It stunk.

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