Walk, walk, walk.

I see many folks who are confused about what to do for exercise. There’s so much info about doing strength training and it’s benefits. There are all kinds of sports and many things for people to do. However, probably one of the best things any one person can do to get healthy or maintain their health is walk. That’s right, just walk.

If you don’t exercise at all, start walking. Walk for 3o min a day, every day. You will feel great and you will lose weight.

There’s no need to bother with going to a gym, just walk before or after lunch. Or, you can walk early in the morning or later in the evening. If you have legs, you don’t need a gym membership. You’ve got all you need.

Get walking. I’ve seen the results in my wife who has recently starting walking. Prior to this she ran about 2 times a week for about 40 minutes. While she enjoyed the running, her body stayed the same. However, after 2 weeks of walking regularly, she has definitely lost weight.

For me, I do no cardio to speak of. I walk 3o min to an hour every day in addition to my 3 to 4 sessions of evolutionary fitness movements. I’m down to 10% body fat now.

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