What would rock the apple app store and google store?

Someone I know wants to learn to code and asked if they should learn Obj c or JS. I said Obj c 100%. I bet it will continue to be the top skill for at least the next two years.  However, the app market is overflowing with a volume of crap…something will have to change I think. It feels saturated and there is a cacophony of un-tuned instruments trying to get us to listen.

What will do it? What would kill the app market or disrupt it completely and then restart the volume increase from few to many? An app search engine? I see quixey out there. That won’t kill the market though. Quixey sends people to the respective stores.

A new device with a new platform and market will probably cause some disruption. However, having multiple markets is a bit of a chore for customers if they all have value, and these stores have solid habits depending on them. This could happen, but it would be a short period disruption most likely as someone else could become a new habit also. 

Apps aren’t going away. Something that would completely shake things up might be a technology that is platform agnostic and run on any device…where IOS and android apps can run, be built on and distributed on multiple devices. If that happened, combined with awesome touch screen devices, then the two reigning app stores would shake at their foundations. All the existing habits of app users could remain but they could choose any device to run any app on. Who might be capable of doing this?

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