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My posting as of late has been almost non-existent. I find between my work and family, I haven’t taken much time to write. I know as my children get older that more time will come to me. That’s what I have scheduled anyway.

I do find time to exercise though. Having twins and doing a long commute, I leave at breakfast and get home at dinner. Often, I’d stay up after the kids and the wife have gone to sleep to have my workout time. I have to say that kind of schedule doesn’t bode well for resting. I’ve since moved “my time” to the early morning. Now, I get to bed at eight or nine and wake around four am. It works for me. I write this as an example of how I chose to fit health in.

By far, the best method for my fitness has been Evolutionary Fitness and Crossfit. With diet, the best method I have found is eliminating grains, starches and refined sugars and eating vegetables, nuts, and pasture-raised animals. Without doing “cardio”, I am 8% body fat. I’ve been following this kind of regimen for 5 months now. I think at 33, I am in much better shape than when I bicycled across Alaska in 2000. I think I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been except when I wrestled in school.

I have never been in “super” shape, but I seem to be heading towards that direction as I get stronger. It hasn’t been hard. The workouts are extremely taxing, but they feel so natural that I don’t procrastinate. I also don’t seem to lose much in the breaks I take. It’s good. It’s very good.

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